Cargolux gains market share in 2015

Contrary to most European competitors, Cargolux continues on its growth path and has registered a boost in is operational performance during 2015. The carrier flew 114,792 block hours, 8.8% more than in 2014 and surpassing the all-time record the company had achieved in that year. Tons sold grew 7.4% to 889,746 while the average loadfactor remained largely unchanged with 66%, due to the increase in its fleet size.

Up to and including November 2015, Cargolux reached a global market share of 3.8%. The company also hired additional staff, employing 1,879 people worldwide against 1,775 in 2014.

The group operates a fleet of 25 747 freighters and plans to add additional aircraft in Luxembourg and China in the next few years.

Cargolux will release its detailed figures for the business year 2015 at the end of April 2016.

Luxembourg, 20th January 2016


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