Cargo specialist settles at Ostend-Bruges airport

442 is a new player on the European air freight market. The company established itself at Ostend-Bruges International Airport and focuses on the ever-increasing demand for time-critical freight transport. At the origin of one finds among others The Aviation Factory, the market leader in the Benelux for the organisation of customised air transport.

The operational management of is in the hands of Nicolas Janssen, who has gained a lot of experience in the airfreight sector. presents itself as the tailor-made specialist for the airfreight sector. In a world where it is standard practice that something ordered online today is already delivered tomorrow, the pressure is huge on the logistics companies that all have to deliver. Although for urgent deliveries freight transport by road is often the fastest solution, for distances of more than 1000 km, it is possible to consider using a cargo plane,” says operational director Nicolas Janssen. develops activities in three core markets: urgent transport of parts for the automotive industry, transport of relief goods and On Board Courier (OBC).

Urgent goods transport for car assembly

Automobile factories work according to the ‘just in time’ principle. Their stocks are kept as low as possible thanks to a constant component flow. But sometimes things go wrong and essential parts have to be picked up as quickly as possible at a supplier and delivered urgently to the car manufacturer. By using the services of and using a plane, a shut down of the assembly can be avoided.

Humanitarian aid goods

In the event of a natural disaster or another catastrophe, is ready to fly humanitarian goods and aid workers to their destination.

On Board Courier

Nicolas Janssen: “In the context of cost-effective OBC solutions, also uses regular scheduled flights to take small parcels such as a suitcase that was forgotten on holiday or a valuable business document. One of our ‘flight riders’ gets on the first available airliner with the precious shipment and delivers the package to the addressee.”



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