Calm Air ATR-42 leaves runway upon landing at Naujaat Airport, Canada


On 26 November, a Calm Air ATR-42 operated a domestic freight flight between Rankin Inlet and Naujaat, Nunavut, Canada. During landing at Naujaat, however, the aircraft left the runway.

The airline announced on Facebook that no passengers were on board the aircraft and that crew received medical evaluations. Calm Air has informed Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board of the incident.

The following pictures appeared on social media:

Background: Calm Air is a full service airline, offering passenger, charter and freight services in northern Manitoba and the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut. It is owned by Exchange Income Corporation with its main base in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


  1. Bart,

    Thank you for your dedication to all things aviation. Could you also report on “green” aviation industry developments, such as the sale of Piaggio Aerospace and their “green” P-180 EVO regional propjet, and the new “green” Sergei Brin hybrid airship?


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