British entrepreneur wants to create a new airline in Antwerp: “Extrajet”

© Extrajet

According to German magazine aerotelegraph, British entrepreneur James Thorpe intends to create a new airline based at Antwerp Airport with the name “Extrajet”.

The airline would fly an Embraer 170 jet aircraft under a Maltese AOC (Air Operator Certificate).  The entrepreneur wants to use Extrajet from Antwerp to serve business routes to destinations in Germany and Switzerland twice a day, on which he can charge attractive prices. “300 euros and more,” says Thorpe. Business travellers prefer flying jets rather than the F-50 propeller aircraft flown by Air Antwerp, he adds.

He wants to collect $25 million through the stock market in order to start operations, after he already invested £500,000 in Extrajet. He is already looking for flight attendants and pilots.

Thorpe is not the first one to try and create an airline in Antwerp. Few people succeeded. We wish him success!



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