British Airways: “Miami Twice” daily by A380

There will be ‘More seats to South Beach’ as British Airways adds Miami to its Airbus A380 network next October with two daily flights to the Florida sunshine on board the superjumbo.

The new A380 route to Miami is part of British Airways’ plans to enhance the usage of facilities in Terminal 3 and Terminal 5 by combining its operations in two terminals and moving out of Terminal 1.

In the coming 12 months, flights to 20 British Airways destinations, including Miami, will change terminals at Heathrow and by the middle of October 2015 all of the airline’s services will depart from either its flagship home of Terminal 5 or the main oneworld alliance Heathrow base in Terminal 3.

Lynne Embleton, director of strategy for British Airways, said: “The acquisition and integration of bmi into British Airways has been a great success but one of its challenges was having to split our flights between three terminals for more than three years while the new Heathrow Terminal 2 was being built.

“It is great news that we can now look forward to having flights from just two Heathrow terminals. This means that we can offer our customers and those from our oneworld partners smoother journeys, especially if they are connecting between flights.

“British Airways’ A380 services have proved to be really popular with our customers and we are confident that Miami will be equally successful as part of our Atlantic Joint Business with American Airlines, US Airways, Iberia and Finnair.

“To help prepare for greater numbers of long-haul customers in Terminal 3 and the introduction of our A380 services for the first time, we will be renovating and extending our check-in areas in Terminal 3 as well as working with Heathrow Airport to enhance its baggage systems.

“Being based in two terminals rather than three also means we can now use our short-haul aircraft in a more efficient way and improve the short-haul schedules we can offer our customers.”

British Airways currently operates between 650 and 700 flights each day at Heathrow, carrying an average of 95,000 customers to or from the airport.

Once the moves are complete Terminal 5 will be home to just under 120 destinations and Terminal 3 will serve 21 British Airways destinations.


Tuesday November 11, 2014