Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) will connect Berlin Tegel twice a week to Växjö-Småland airport


Following in the footsteps of Astrid Lindgren


From 30 March 2018, Braathens Regional Airlines, BRA for short, will connect Berlin Tegel twice a week to Växjö-Småland airport. Every Friday and Sunday passengers can expect a roughly one and a half hour journey to fly to southern Sweden. New ATR 72-600 aircrafts will be making the trip. Although Småland means “small country”, it is one of the larger provinces in Sweden. A breathtaking coastline and around 5000 lakes invite outdoor holidaymakers to hike, swim and canoe. Particularly recommended is the Store Mosse National Park, a nature reserve and one of the largest moorland areas in Sweden. Here visitors can discover the beauty of nature with the park’s bridges and shallow marshy soil.

From Vimmerby to Lönneberga

Småland is best known for Astrid Lindgren’s stories. Whether Karlsson on the roof, Michel from Lönneberga or Pippi Longstocking – references to the characters can be found in numerous places around Småland. A starting point for a route along the story and filming locations is Lindgren’s birthplace Vimmerby. In addition to theatres and live perfomances, numerous activities for children are offered there.

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About Braathens Regional Airlines

Braathens Regional Airlines, BRA for short, is one of Sweden’s leading domestic airlines, flying to a total of 17 destinations in Sweden. More than 2.2 million passengers a year fly with BRA, and in 2016 and 2017 the airline was crowned the Swedish airline with the most satisfied passengers.

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