Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) seeks financial reorganisation to ensure long-term stability – Thousands of travellers stranded



Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) has applied for financial reorganisation for seven out of thirteen companies in the group, similar to the US Chapter 11 procedure. Despite this, the company announced that flights will operate as scheduled with no disruptions.

The move is aimed at securing long-term financial stability in an industry with high fixed costs and narrow profit margins. The reorganisation process will also focus on debt restructuring, agreement renegotiations, and safeguarding jobs and aviation infrastructure in Sweden.

BRA, Sweden’s largest domestic flight provider in terms of route numbers, has faced challenges during the pandemic, including increased costs and currency effects, prompting the need for these measures. The company’s commitment to sustainability and plans for a fossil-free aviation industry remain unchanged, with the support of its owners.

Despite the company’s announcement that flights would operate normally, thousands of travellers were left stranded at Stockholm Bromma airport due to delays caused by BRA’s reorganisation announcement. This news led to the fuel supplier cancelling the planned refuelling of BRA’s planes. The airline was negotiating with the fuel supplier, and an agreement was reached around 16:00. However, some passengers experienced delays of up to four hours. In total, 2,700 passengers were affected, and those on later flights in the evening would also be impacted, as the planes originally scheduled for departure in the afternoon took precedence. BRA expressed regret over the delays and emphasised their commitment to resolving the situation.


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