BRA opens three routes at Aarhus Airport


According to the airport’s director Nicolai Krøyer, this should help increase the number of passengers

The Norwegian flight heir and rich man Per G. Braathen, who is behind the Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA), will enter the Danish market from September and open three new routes at Aarhus Airport.

According to the airport’s director Nicolai Krøyer, the collaboration is a direct result of the airport’s intensifying route development work and recent investments of around DKK 140 million, which will help to attract more passengers to the Jutland Airport and make it a “leading player” in the industry.

BRA will initially open routes to Gothenburg and Stockholm, after which the company will head towards Scandinavian Mountains Airport, a popular Nordic ski destination, around Christmas.

BRA was founded in 2016 and had around 600 employees before the corona crisis. It is one of the largest regional airlines in Sweden and also has several routes to Europe. It is the second-largest domestic airline in Sweden with 27 routes and around 2.2 million passages annually.

Source: Finans (DK)


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