Boliviana de Aviacion Boeing 737-300 suffers main gear malfunction during landing at La Paz Airport


On 3 August, a Boliviana de Aviacion (BoA) Boeing 737-300 (CP-3077) operated domestic flight OB604 between Cochabamba and El Alto La Paz, Bolivia. During landing, however, the aircraft suffered a malfunction in the main gear and became disabled on the runway. 

Emergency services rushed to the aircraft and found the left main wheels had rotated versus the left main gear strut ( The flight carried 91 passengers, footage show that some ceiling panels came down during the roll-out.

In an announcement, the airline said: “On Saturday, August 3 at 07:45 am, on flight OB 604, with 91 passengers on the Cochabamba – La Paz section, our Boeing 737-300 aircraft with registration CP 3077 , stopped on the runway at the time of landing due to landing gear problems at the El Alto airport.”


  1. Looking at the pictures from inside, it doesn’t look like a gear malfunction. gear collapse after hard landing would be a more appropriate title.


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