Romanian airline Blue Air will not fly from Brno to Brussels: South Moravia ended the cooperation


Romanian company Blue Air will not fly from Brno airport. After disagreements with the representatives of the South Moravian Region, the latter decided to terminate the cooperation with the carrier.

According to Bohumil Šimek, the governor of South Moravia, the disagreements related to the terms of the contracts. “We could not reconcile some inconsistencies between Czech and Romanian law. We tried to resolve this, but the demands on the Romanian side increased. We did not agree, so I sent a letter to the company to end the cooperation. We do not see another perspective in it,” he said on Monday.

The Romanian carrier wanted to connect Brno with Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Lviv and Rome. The Region contacted other carriers about the new routes earlier. “We will open some new routes this year,” says Simek. He did not communicate the date.

Operation at Brno airport is not affected by the termination of the cooperation. “In the flight schedules, we did not have planned scheduled flights. We were waiting for the results of the negotiations,” Kateřina Pichalová, a spokeswoman for Brno airport, said.



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