Blue Air Boeing 737-700 intercepted after communication failure (above Belgium)


Published in our forums this week: Unconfirmed information for the moment, says the flight BMS 8T operated by aircraft registered as YR-BMA (Blue Air) was allegedly intercepted by two military aircraft of Belgium after failing to answer to radio communication for 30 minutes, while entering the air space of Belgium.

Because of that it got a TCAS RA Climb on 400 m, close to the limit of 400m. Allegedly the frequency for emergencies, 121,5 wasn’t monitored by the crew. Could anyone with connections find out more about this incident ?

Posted by member Klausenburg here:


A pilot published a picture of the interception on Facebook :

Another picture by an avgeek on the ground:


  1. As someone who was also flying at the time, and monitoring guard, I can confirm this happened :p Even after interception it took them quite a while to figure out what was happening and the crew did not understand what the F16 pilots were trying to communicate (partly due to the fighter pilots terrible English pronunciation). Made for an interesting listen on 121.5, that’s for sure.


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