Blue Air will fly between Brussels and Constanta in summer 2017


As announced in our forum on 15 February 2017, Romanian carrier Blue Air will introduce additional route from Constanta in the summer 2017 season, as the airline schedules Constanta – Brussels service, from 19 May to 22 September 2017. A Boeing 737-400 aircraft will serve this route once a week on Fridays.


0B423 CND0700 – 0910BRU 734 5
0B424 BRU1000 – 1355CND 734 5

Blue Air, the tradename of Airport Management Solutions, has mixed capital, Romanian and Belgian. Also, the platform used to sell the tickets is provided by MaxiTours Belgium and uses a “.be” domain. Luciana Paunescu (a long term resident of Brussels who probably has Belgian citizenship), the former manager of Maxitours, and Tudor Constantinescu (resident of Brussels at least for a while), a former pilot at Blue Air, are two of the four private investors who bought Blue Air from its former owner, together with Maxitours.

Sources: Airline Route, Luchtzak member Klausenburg

Discussion thread on Blue Air:



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