Blue Air adjusts the number of flights to destinations in Italy, based on current demand


In the context of the spread of COVID-19 and the installation of quarantine for passengers travelling to and from several cities in Italy, with the consequence of the decrease in tickets demand and an increasing number of no-shows, Blue Air announces the reduction of its flight capacity, in and from Italy, from March to the beginning of April 2020.

“Blue Air is experiencing a significant drop in flight demand on routes in Italy, which has led us to resize the number of flights on these routes. We constantly monitor the evolution of the situation and try to minimize the impact on our passengers, keeping the operations at an optimum level, adapted to the travel needs,” says Oana Petrescu, CEO of Blue Air

Passengers who have flight reservations within this interval and are affected by this measure will be actively informed and offered the best possible alternatives to their travel needs.

In the meantime, Blue Air is continuing to implement additional safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 onboard its aircraft:

• it constantly checks the correct functioning of the air filtration systems, equipped with HEPA filters, capable of capturing 99.97% of the aerial microbes in the filtered air;

• it disinfects, by nebulisation, all its aircraft, with active substances that ensure complete sterilisation of the space in which they are dispersed;

• it offers passengers and crews alcohol wipes, necessary for disinfecting the hands, protective masks and disinfectant gel;

• it constantly informs the crews and passengers about the prevention methods.

For Blue Air, the safety of its passengers and crew is a priority during this time, as always.

Bucharest, March 4th, 2020


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