Binter inaugurates a new route that connects Menorca with Gran Canaria


The Binter flights connecting Menorca with Gran Canaria will take place every Friday. The company offers free connection to passengers on this route with their flights to any of the other Canary Islands.

The Canarian airline Binter today inaugurated its new domestic air route, which connects the Balearic island of Menorca directly with the Canary archipelago once a week through Gran Canaria in a journey of three hours and ten minutes.

The inaugural flight took off from Gran Canaria Airport at 08:30 to Menorca Airport, from where it returned to the Canary Islands at 13:20 to land in Gran Canaria at 15:55.

Direct link every Friday

Menorca will be connected by direct flight with Gran Canaria one day a week, which will allow airline passengers to enjoy the tourist attractions of both destinations.

In addition, the airline facilitates free of charge the link of these national routes with the inter-island routes in the Canary Islands in the case of connecting flights, making it possible to reach different islands of the Canary archipelago thanks to the extensive connectivity allowed by the daily flights it carries out over there.

On Fridays, a plane will depart from Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) at 08:30 to land in Menorca (MAH) at 12:40. Forty minutes later, at 13:20, the flight will take off from the Balearic airport to the Canary Islands, where it will land at 15:55.

This new direct route adds to the one that the company has already carried out in the Balearic Islands since 2018, linking Mallorca with the Canary archipelago, on a flight of about three hours.

Passengers on this route will enjoy the differential advantages of the product offered by Binter, with a high-end onboard service focused on offering the best customer experience, which includes extensive services such as a courtesy gourmet snack during the journey.

The flights are carried out with an Embraer E195-E2, the quietest, cleanest and most efficient single-aisle jet in its category, providing passengers with an experience of great comfort, since the aircraft, with a configuration of 132 seats, has a distance of 79 centimetres between the rows to improve the comfort of its occupants, and they do not have a middle seat.

The aircraft also incorporates important improvements, which allow the reduction of fuel consumption. It is considered the greenest aircraft in its class and has the lowest levels of noise and external emissions.

In the case of the first flight made today, the airline has prepared a special service with the distribution of pastissets on the route between the Canary Islands and Menorca.

Likewise, on the flight to the Canary Islands, the Binter cabin crew wore a Canarian cap and a scarf and traditional music was played during the journey. In addition, the passenger has been presented with a banana from the Canary Islands.



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