Binter Canarias opens new routes in Europe with direct flights to five destinations in Italy and France

Binter Embraer 195-E2

The Canarian airline will start operating with Toulouse, Marseille, Lille, Turin and Venice from July, helping to improve direct connectivity to the Canary Islands. It has also announced a new direct route with Tarragona, the tenth with national destinations outside the Archipelago. Tickets can be purchased from today with a launch promotion starting at €102.13 each way for European destinations

Binter announced today that from next July it will open new international routes operating direct links with five destinations in Italy and France. In this way, the Canarian airline expands the radius of its connections with regular flights to the European airports of Toulouse, Marseille and Lille, in France, and Turin and Venice, in Italy.

The company maintains all the national routes that it currently operates and, in addition, this same summer it will open a new one with Tarragona, expanding the offer of direct Spanish destinations outside the Canary Islands to ten.

The announcement was made this morning at a press conference by Rodolfo Núñez, president of Binter, and the general coordinator of the company, Juan Ramsden, together with the president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Housing the Regional Executive, Sebastián Franquis, and the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Yaiza Castilla, who emphasised the great effort that the airline has always made to improve the connectivity of the Archipelago and the new possibilities offered by the incorporation of five new jet aircraft to its fleet.

Rodolfo Núñez stressed the importance of Canarian companies firmly committing to the recovery of the Islands, promoting all those initiatives that are within their reach to achieve it. “This new international leap represents a great challenge for Binter in a very complex context, but we continue to bet on the connectivity of the entire archipelago, of the eight islands, following the strategic plan that we drew up before the pandemic. In the future, if all goes well, and according to plan, we will continue to put more frequencies and perhaps more destinations, both from Tenerife and from Gran Canaria, and without ruling out direct flights to, or from, other islands. The important thing is to sell all the Canary Islands as a whole”, he pointed out.

In this sense, Juan Ramsden encouraged political representatives to continue working to advance the vaccination process and highlighted the importance of developing, in the short term, the European health passport, which allows safe mobility for all travellers. “It is necessary that anyone who wishes to travel by plane to another country or region knows that he can do so in complete safety, without obstacles or complex regulations,” he said.

With these new routes that Binter will begin to offer from July, there will be 94 direct weekly connections and more than 600,000 seats per year, between the archipelago and national and European destinations, which will be operated by the Canarian airline. These flights will be carried out with the five new Embraer aircraft, model E195-E2, the quietest, cleanest and most efficient single-aisle jet aircraft in its class; with a configuration that allows more space between rows and the comfort of not having a seat in the middle. To this are added other differential advantages of the product that Binter offers, such as its characteristic quality onboard service, which includes courtesy catering during the flight.

Recently, the company has been recognized for the constant renewal of its fleet by the Swiss provider of intelligence services to airlines Ch-Aviation, since it currently has one of the youngest in Europe, with an average of 4.8 years of its 28 aircraft.

Ángel Víctor Torres, president of the Canary Islands, referred to Binter’s presentation today as “a day when good news will be given” and stressed the value of this airline’s decision to expand air connectivity with the Islands. Through the incorporation of new national and international routes, a project, he said, that is relevant “for the Canaries and for tourism in our Archipelago.”

18 direct weekly flights between the Canary Islands and the new European destinations

Binter has scheduled 18 weekly flights with the new European destinations so that most will have connections two days a week.

In the case of France, the connections with Lille will be on Mondays and Thursdays with departure at 10.45 from Gran Canaria and return at 16:40, with arrival time in the Canary Islands at 20:00. Toulouse will be linked on Tuesdays and Saturdays with a very similar schedule, departing at 10.30 on Tuesdays and at 11.00 on Saturdays from the Canary Islands and return at 15.45, 16.15 in the case of Saturdays. Regarding the route with Marseille, there will be a frequency on Fridays leaving the Islands at 10.30 and returning at 16.10, to land in the Canary Islands at 19:00.

The two Italian destinations will have two weekly links. On Mondays and Wednesdays, there will be flights to Venice, departing from the Canary Islands at 10.20 and returning at 16.35, to reach the Archipelago at 20.15. Turin will be connected on Tuesdays and Saturdays with departure at 11.00 from Gran Canaria Airport on Tuesdays and at 10.30 on Saturdays and return at 16.45 or 16:20, with arrival time on the island at 20.05 or 19.40.

Free connection with other islands and launch promotion

On all these international and national routes, Binter offers passengers the advantage of travelling, at no additional cost, to and from any of the Canary Islands, by being able to make the inter-island jump free of charge in the case of connecting flights, taking advantage of the 170 daily inter-island flights that the airline operates between the islands.

Binter launches its new connections with France, Italy and Tarragona with a promotion that will allow its customers to purchase tickets at very attractive prices. In this case, the minimum price per trip for flights to new European destinations is 102.13 euros in the case of flights to Turin, and tickets to Tarragona can be purchased from 27.68 euros -in the case of the Canarian residents-, for a round trip.

The promotion, which coincides with the start of ticket sales, will be applied to reservations purchased between April 8 and 30 to fly in the period between July 1 and October 15, 2021.

Tickets for these destinations can now be purchased through the company’s usual sales channels:, the Binter app, the telephone number 922/928 32 77 00, travel agencies and the offices of the airports.

Bet on the external connectivity of the Islands

Binter began operating in the Canary archipelago in 1989 to offer connections between all the islands with a clear focus on public service.

In 2005, it also began to operate outside the Canary Islands with the aim of offering direct connections to other markets, a programme that has grown over the years.

In Portugal, reaching Lisbon and Madeira; in Africa, linking the Canary Islands with destinations such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Dakhla, El Aaiún, Nouakchott, Dakar, Banjul and the island of Sal.

In 2018, in addition, the airline began its regular operations with national destinations, first to Mallorca and Vigo and, later, to Pamplona, ​​Zaragoza, Murcia, Santander, Vitoria, Asturias and Cádiz (Jerez de la Frontera). In 2021, direct flights with Tarragona are added.

Added to all these routes this summer are the Italian cities of Turin and Venice, and the French cities of Marseille, Toulouse and Lille, with which Binter connects the Canary Islands with a total of 26 destinations outside the Islands.



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