Hijacking attempt on Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight to Chittagong


On 24 February, a Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 737-800 (S2-AHV) carrying 134 passengers and 14 crew members was operating flight BG147 between Dhaka and Chittagong. Upon arrival in the Bangladeshi coastal city of Chittagong, the aircraft was surrounded by security forces. Reason? A 25-year-old passenger armed with a gun tried to storm the cockpit.

He wanted to talk to Bangladesh’s Prime Minister. The crew declared emergency and landed safely. The passengers and crew except the gunman were able to disembark, while security forces engaged the man in negotiations trying to convince the man to give up. When a shot was fired inside the aircraft security forces opened a raid and fire severely wounding the gunman. The gunman was taken to a hospital where he died. It appeared he had a toy gun.



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