Belgium keeps borders closed to/from the 15 non-Schengen countries that the EU considers as safe


Belgium will, until further notice, keep its borders closed to travellers from the 15 countries that the European Union has recently marked as sufficiently safe.

These countries are Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, Montenegro, Georgia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Uruguay, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and China. The European Council recommended that travellers from these countries be admitted from 1 July, but the Member States were ultimately allowed to make the final decision themselves.

The Belgian “kern” cabinet decided on 6 July that it will not allow travellers from these countries until further notice. The government believes that there are still too many health problems in those countries or that there is no reciprocity.

If neighbouring countries like France or The Netherlands allow travellers from these 15 countries, there will be unannounced controls at the Belgian borders. However, Belgians coming back from those countries will still be admitted to the country.

There is also no green light for holiday trips from Belgium to those 15 countries.


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