Belgian start-up Moonlight Express to launch night trains between Brussels, Liège and Berlin in April 2022

Caledonian Sleeper © Randwick CC BY-SA 3.0,

If anything has become clear in recent years, it is that the way we travel has an irresponsible impact on the world. With their night train between Brussels, Liège and Berlin, Louis Lammertyn and Louis De Jaeger want to bring back the magic in responsible and pleasant travelling. They keep in mind Eurostar connections so travellers can go easily from London to Berlin.

Louis Lammertyn and Louis De Jaeger are two young Belgian entrepreneurs who love to travel. In recent years, they began to feel that their way of travelling was not in line with their ecological commitment. Both are consultants in making society more sustainable. Louis De Jaeger on agriculture and Louis Lammertyn on transport and renewable energy.

I did some years of restructuring projects in the aviation industry,” says Louis Lammertyn, “I especially saw the speed at which we are destroying the earth through the way we travel.” At the same time, the two initiators understand that people want to break out and will continue to do so, especially after a corona. “The train offers a great alternative for people who want to travel with a clear conscience,” says De Jaeger, “and above all, it should not be boring. Instead of competing purely on speed or price for transport from A to B, we focus on affordable and quality travel time.”

That is why they founded Moonlight Express a year ago. They want to create magical travel experiences with the night train. “We actually see a night train as a time machine,” says De Jaeger. A stress-free journey begins from the moment the traveller boards. He or she can grab a drink, eat tasty specialities and gets the chance to meet nice people in their own compartment or the bar car. You can sleep safely and comfortably in a real bed and arrive well-rested.

A project of this magnitude requires quite a bit of preparation, but we are happy to be able to get this company further on track after more than a year of discussions with various German and Belgian partners,” says Louis Lammertyn.

For the time being, Moonlight Express is starting their first line in April 2022 between Brussels and Berlin, via Liège. In this way, they are connecting two European cultural poles that historically have a lot in common. The connection with London by Eurostar brings a whole new perspective for British travellers. Tickets for a bed in a shared compartment start at 49 euro per person. There are also plans to connect Belgium with the south of France and Barcelona. This way, Brussels can be further expanded as an international train hub. The first trip will already be a unique premiere event with performances.


  1. I wouldn’t mind travelling to Berlin on a sleeper. Or to Prague for instance. As long as prices are reasonable.

    I don’t agree with their statement in regards to nature obviously. The way train is portrait as being the climate walhalla in comparison to flying is very much dependant on where it got it’s electricity from and the amout of passengers aboard.


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