Belgian Air Force NH-90 helicopter rescues 38 transmigrants off the French coast


A group of transmigrants was rescued from the English Channel on Sunday afternoon, thanks in part to the Belgian crew of an NH-90 helicopter from Koksijde Air Force Base who were called in by the French authorities after several people were reported drowning. 

The rescue helicopter searched for the sinking dinghy with 38 transmigrants on board. Two missing were first spotted clinging to a buoy 10 miles off the French coast. The two men were picked up in hypothermia and taken to the hospital of Calais for further medical care.

The helicopter crew then returned to locate the dinghy and rescue the remaining transmigrants. The boat, meanwhile, was already in British waters and was sinking. Another five people were lifted from the water, several of them in hypothermia, and together with the PSP Flamant of the French Navy, the crew was eventually able to save all on board.


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