Beijing Capital Airlines Airbus A320 substantially damaged after hard landing at Macau Airport

Source: social media

On 28 August, a Capital Airlines Airbus A320 (B-6952) suffered severe damage on nose gear and left hand engine during a hard landing at Macau Airport.

Flight JD5759 was scheduled from Beijing International Airport to Macau but during the approach – the weather at Macau at the time of landing consisted of rain and wind with gusts up to 30 knots – the aircraft hit the runway very hard. One of the gears that got detached, hit the left hand engine. Due to the failure of the communication system and a lack of satellite phone, the aircraft was communicating with the ground using the ACARS onboard.

After declaring an emergency (Mayday), the pilots entered a holding pattern Northeast from the airport and then decided to divert to Shenzhen Airport. On approach the pilots first did a low pass over the field for a visual check on the landing gears.

Beijing Capital Airlines confirmed the accident, in total, there were 166 passengers and 9 crew members on board. After the landing at Shenzhen Airport an emergency evacuation was initiated, five of the passengers were slightly injured (most likely during the emergency evacuation).

On Sunday, another company Airbus A320 aircraft had a decompression, forcing the pilots to descend rapidly.

Source: social media
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