Ukraine State Aviation Administration allows Bees Airline to operate 15 regular, 16 charter routes


The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine has authorised the new Ukrainian airline Bees Airline to operate flights on 31 routes – 15 regular and 16 charter.

So, from March 28, Bees Airline is allowed to operate regular flights Kyiv-Tbilisi (Georgia)-Kyiv with a frequency of four times a week and Kyiv-Yerevan (Armenia)-Kyiv with a frequency of twice a week.

From May 1: Kyiv-Heraklion (Greece)-Kyiv (three flights per week), Kyiv-Rhodes (Greece)-Kyiv (two flights per week).

From May 24: Kyiv-Burgas (Bulgaria)-Kyiv (four flights a week).

From June 1: Kyiv-Batumi (Georgia)-Kyiv (seven flights per week), Odesa-Tbilisi-Odesa (two flights per week), Kyiv-Araxos (Greece)-Kyiv (one flight), Lviv-Rhodes-Lviv (two flights), Kyiv-Alicante (Spain)-Kyiv (two flights), Kyiv-Barcelona (Spain)-Kyiv (three flights), Kyiv-Tirana (Albania)-Kyiv (two flights), Kyiv-Varna (Bulgaria)-Kyiv (one flight), Odesa-Yerevan-Odesa (two flights), Kyiv-Larnaca (Cyprus)-Kyiv (three flights).

The airline’s charter network will include routes to the following destinations between March 28 and October 30, 2021: Kyiv-Mombasa (Kenya)-Kyiv, Kyiv-Marsa Alam (Egypt)-Kyiv, Lviv-Marsa Alam-Lviv, Kyiv-Hurghada (Egypt)-Kyiv, Lviv-Hurghada-Lviv, Kyiv-Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt)-Kyiv, Lviv-Split (Croatia)-Lviv, Kyiv-Antalya (Turkey)-Kyiv, Lviv-Antalya-Lviv, Odesa-Antalya-Odesa, Kharkiv-Antalya-Kharkiv, Kyiv-Bodrum (Turkey)-Kyiv, Kyiv-Tivat (Montenegro)-Kyiv, Kryvy Rih-Tivat-Kryvy Rih, Lviv-Tivat-Lviv, Kharkiv-Tivat-Kharkiv.

Currently, Bees Airline already operates charter flights from Kyiv and Lviv to Egypt. Bees Airline made its first charter flight from Kyiv to Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) on behalf of the tour operator Tez Tour Ukraine on March 18, 2021.

The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine issued an operator certificate to Bees Airline on March 12, 2021.

Source: Interfax



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