Azur Air Boeing 767 experiences landing gear fire on landing in Russia


Azur Air has confirmed the incident with its plane at Barnaul Gherman Titov International Airport (BAX).
The Boeing 767-300ER (reg. VP-BUV 28,6 years old) flew from from Nha Trang in Vietnam to Barnaul in Russia.

The right landing gear caught fire as flight ZF-2244 was landing on the runway. The plane engaged brakes and stopped at the end of the runway. The crew started an immediate evacuation of the passengers for safety reasons in accordance with the instructions. The plane was carrying 331 people.
All passengers were urgently evacuated and one passenger sought medical assistance.

The airline has launched a probe into the incident in collaboration with the aviation authorities, the aircraft manufacturer, and the airport of entry.

Source: Interfax


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