[Video] unknown male person climbs on about-to-depart Azman Air Boeing 737


On 19 July, an Azman Air Boeing 737 (5N-HAI) was holding for take-off at Lagos Airport, Nigeria. The crew, about to depart for a domestic flight to Port Harcourt, spotted an unidentified male on the tarmac walking towards the aircraft. The captain radioed the tower to inform them about the sighting. 

As a precaution, the crew switched off the engines. Shortly after, the person was spotted inside the right hand engine. Then, he climbed via the left hand engine onto the wing in an attempt to gain access to the cabin.

Security staff was able to arrest the person and has since been remanded for further interrogation. The crew decided to taxi the aircraft back to the gate for an additional security and aircraft check. The passengers and crew then were able to fly to Port Harcourt.

The airline thanked the crew for their high level of professionalism and the passengers for their patience and trust: “safety is our priority at Azman Air and we will not deter from raising our standards when it comes to same.


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