Avianca rejects illegal strike called by ACDAD

Avianca Airbus A330 - Star Alliance - copyright Wim Peeters

Avianca categorically rejects the call for a strike made by the Colombian Civil Aviators Association (ACDAC)

Considered an illegal de facto action that affects clients, the country’s connectivity and a measure to put pressure upon the company that does not reflect the feelings, or the interests, of Avianca’s 22.000 employees and their families.

The right to strike is guaranteed by article 56 of the Colombian Constitution and Article 430 of the Substantive Labor Code, except for essential public services. On its part, Law 336 from 1996, in articles 5 and 68, qualifies transportation as an essential public service. Therefore, the strike called by ACDAD is illegal. However, should they follow through, the airline will take the corresponding disciplinary measures.

During the negotiations, Avianca presented more than 20 proposals to ACDAC leaders to improve the benefits received by Colombian pilots. It should be noted that the company reached an agreement with the Avianca Aviators Organization (ODEAA), an association that incorporates close to half of the airline’s pilots, the benefits of which extend to 100% of all pilots, including, among other benefits, and salary increments as of April, 2017.

Likewise, during 2017, Avianca executed collective agreements with seven syndicates. However, there have been no agreements with the ACDAC since 2013, and the leaders of this association did not accept any of the proposals during the current negotiation process, unilaterally terminating the direct arrangement phase. They are now calling an illegal strike that affects the essential public service offered by the airline.

Avianca’s priority is to provide a quality service, as well as to seek the feasibility and competitiveness of the company under the economic challenges of its environment. Faced with this situation, Avianca’s team, always committed to service, designed action and mitigation plans to meet the needs of our passengers as best as possible.

Maarten Van Den Driessche:
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