Turkish air carrier AtlasGlobal is bankrupt and stops operations


On 12 February 2020, the Turkish carrier AtlasGlobal filed for bankruptcy and halted all flights, after a lot of uncertainty for a few months.

The 18 year-old airline was facing financial difficulties since November 2019, when the airline had to stop its operations and was forced to restructure; however, the airline is now officially bankrupt. The staff has been requested to not go to work tomorrow.

Atlasglobal is no longer flying at the time of writing.


  1. AtlasGlobal A321 TC-ATF just left Baghdad 20mins ago as KK1283. Flying back to Istanbul for the last time.

  2. Very sad, atlas were a very good airline…we had really good trips with them from the TRNC to both the UK and Turkey. Excellent customer service with “flying chef”.

  3. Very sad, I traveled to Istanbul with Atlas, It was a very nice experience and also ticket cost was also cheap and best. Government should provide some aid to these kind of good Airlines.

  4. They got what they deserved!! Horrible company and even worse customer service . I was gone fly out with then this x-mas and they cancelled all my flights and didnt even tell me ! And I’m having a very hard time getting my refund from them. Just a headache company glad they are not operating anymore

  5. The response of Ben really shows the level of intelligence the world has come to find normal these days …. few thousand people have lost their job and will struggle to pay their dues and support their families …. but its OK, because Ben had a difficult time getting a refund …. seriously?? I like to give my sympathy to all that lost their jobs in this (and other) companies and that now struggle to make ends meet …. whatever the reason, whatever the area of business …. It’s sad days for aviation lately …. too many companies going down the drain, some because of their management, some because of insane competition and passengers demanding business class service for fees that don’t even cover the parking fees. Too many hard workers paying the price.

  6. Probably the best airline that flew to Northern Cyprus. Sorry for the employees & customers that liked them more than their greedy rival. Pe…..s.

  7. So sad. Great airline. They changed my ticket free of charge when I had to get back to trnc early when my cat was dying.
    Fab customer service. Better airline than Turkish airlines.
    My thoughts are with all effect and the staff.


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