ASL Airlines France launches two new routes from Paris-CDG: Belgrade and Tunis


ASL Airlines France made its first flight to Belgrade on Monday and its first flight to Tunis on Tuesday. These two inaugural flights departing from Paris-CDG started the summer 2019 seasonal regular flights of the French company.

The inauguration of these two new routes confirms the development strategy of ASL Airlines France’s seasonal passenger flights business, positioned during the peak season, for an ethnic and tourist market.

Tunisia ranks fourth in the list of favourite destinations of the French and Serbia increases the development of its tourism offer. Also, ASL Airlines France’s new flight offer for the summer season responds to both the needs of families and the demand generated by the development of tourism to Tunisia and Serbia.

✈ Belgrade is now served twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays until 5 September

  • departure from Paris-CDG at 18:20 – arrival in Belgrade at 20:40.
  • departure from Belgrade at 21:40 – arrival at Paris-CDG at 00:05 (D + 1)

✈ Until September 6, ASL Airlines France serves Tunis from Paris:

– twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, until August 1
– once a week, on Tuesday, in August
– daily during the first week of September.

Flights departing and arriving at Paris-CDG are made at the airport’s T3 terminal, which is the easiest to access, which guarantees great fluidity, time savings and more comfort for passengers.

In addition to the inauguration of the Paris-Belgrade and Paris-Tunis lines, the 2019 passenger flights program is also characterised by:

✈ The reinforcement of the Bordeaux-Oran and Perpignan-Oran routes inaugurated last summer.

✈ The addition of new frequencies on the Paris-Alger and Paris-Tel Aviv routes operated year-round.

✈ The reinstatement of flights to Oujda from Paris, Bastia and Strasbourg.

ASL Airlines France serves ten regular routes during the summer 2019 season:
Paris-CDG / Tunis; Paris-CDG / Belgrade; Paris-CDG / Oujda; Paris-CDG / Bastia; Strasbourg / Oujda; Bastia / Oujda; Bordeaux / Oran; Perpignan / Oran as well as Paris-CDG / Tel Aviv and Paris-CDG / Algiers which are insured year round.

Tourist flights – In parallel with this regular flights programme, ASL Airlines France is rolling out its programme of tourist flights for the main French and European tour operators. From France, the company serves dozens of destinations in the south of Europe and the Mediterranean.



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