ASL Airlines France inaugurates a Paris-Tel Aviv route


At 13:55 on 3 July, the first ASL Airlines France flight to Tel Aviv took off from Paris-CDG airport, kicking off a new regular route for the French airline.

Present on board the inaugural flight, Éric Vincent, Sales and Programme Director of ASL Airlines France, announced the route would be operated throughout the year.

With a very good start of ticket sales on this new route, the first flight of which we are celebrating today, we decided to operate it the whole year. Reservations for the winter season will be open within a few weeks, demonstrating our commitment to continue our comprehensive offer strategy at particularly attractive rates. This offer positions us as a unique player in the market and has, since the launch of the line, met the favours of the customers.”

ASL Airlines France flies to Tel Aviv from Paris-CDG on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

– departure from Paris-CDG at 13:55 – arrival in Tel Aviv at 19:30 (4h35m flight)
– departure from Tel Aviv at 20:30 – arrival at Paris-CDG at 00:15 (4h45m flight)

* All times are indicated in local time, there is 1-hour time difference between France and Israel in summer.

The flights are operated by a Boeing 737-700 configured in a two-class cabin with a capacity of 137 seats, including 14 seats in Premium Business class and 123 seats in economy class.

On the Paris-CDG / Tel Aviv route, the Premium Business class allows passengers to enjoy increased comfort.

On the ground, passengers enjoy priority access for check-in, boarding and baggage delivery, as well as access to the lounge.

In flight, in the private cabin at the front of the aircraft, separated by a curtain, 14 seats on the first 4 rows are reserved. The middle seat is not marketed and by lifting the central armrests, the passengers can benefit from additional space.

Upon departure, a travel kit including a mask, airbag, toothbrush with toothpaste, travel socks and earplugs is offered. A pillow and blanket, as well as a selection of newspapers and magazines, are provided.

After the welcome aperitif and the oshibori service, a gourmet hot or cold meal (depending on the schedule and duration of the flight) is served in porcelain dishes, accompanied by a beverage service including a selection of French wines.

The summer 2018 programme

Regular routes – Of the 15 routes served by the French airline, 10 are new: Paris-CDG / Tel Aviv; Paris-CDG / Montpellier; Bordeaux / Toulon; Bordeaux / Strasbourg; Bordeaux / Oran; Montpellier / Oujda; Strasbourg / Oujda; Toulon / Oran; Toulon / Algiers; Perpignan / Oran. The 5 renewed existing routes are: Paris-CDG / Algiers; Paris-CDG / Chlef; Paris-CDG / Oujda; Bastia / Oujda; Paris CDG / Bastia.

Paris, July 3, 2018


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