ASL Airlines Belgium announces agreement with Nippon Cargo Airlines on the use of Boeing 747-400F aircraft


ASL Airlines Belgium (ASLB) today announced that the airline has entered into an agreement for two B747-400F with Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA). The airlines will utilise the aircraft in a mutually beneficial relationship.

ASLB will continue to operate its current fleet of three (3) B747-400F aircraft while NCA will continue to operate a fleet of eight (8) B747-8F aircraft.

We are delighted to grow our partnership with Nippon Cargo Airlines,” said Dave Andrew, Chief Executive Officer of ASL Aviation Holdings (ASL). “Both ASL and NCA provide connections that support the global economy and we look forward to continuing to provide NCA and its customers with an unmatched service and a platform for future expansion.

Hitoshi Oshika, President and Chief Executive Officer, NCA, said “By partnering with ASLB, NCA will be able to utilise part of their flight capacity and satisfy even more of our customer’s requirements.  This important business expansion will enable us to provide customers with new, high-quality freighter capacity and further expand the global reach. NCA will explore additional service expansion with its European partner to other important markets including Africa and flights across the Atlantic connecting Europe and the US.”

Sep 30, 2020, 06:54 



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