Airbus A350 becomes the long-haul flagship model for Asiana Airlines


11th A350 introduced and placed on routes to the Americas and Europe

The A350-900, introduced by Asiana Airlines in 2017, has become its flagship on long-distance routes.

With the introduction of its 11th A350 to the fleet on February 4, Asiana Airlines’ A350 is now deployed to four routes in the Americas – – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle – – and three routes in Europe – – London, Paris, and Lisbon.

In addition, the Asiana A350 provides services to Southeast and North Asia – – Singapore, Jakarta and Tokyo/NRT.

Two additional A350 will be introduced in 2020, bringing the total fleet to 13 by year-end.

The company is pioneering long-distance routes in line with the introduction of new equipment, with destinations such as Cairo, Egypt, Melbourne, Australia and Lisbon, Portugal in December 2019, and it has steadily strengthened its long-haul routes by twice expanding the New York route.

Besides fuel efficiency savings of 25% and provision of in-flight Wi-Fi service, the A350 also benefits from a HEPA air filtration system permits full replenishment of fresh air in the passenger cabin every two to three minutes.

Seoul, South Korea, February 05, 2020


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