All Nippon Airways Boeing 777 towards Tokyo Narita suffers engine vibration, dumps fuel and safely returns to Chicago O’Hare

1693, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On 20 January, an All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300ER (registered JA787A) operated flight NH8549 between Chicago O’Hare Airport, Illinois, United States, and Tokyo Narita Airport, Japan. Shortly after take-off, the aircraft stopped climbing at 12,000 feet. The pilots squawked a 7700 distress signal and reported to air traffic control that they experienced vibrations on the aircraft’s left engine.

The pilots idled the engine, descended to 6,000 feet and entered a holding pattern to dump fuel in order to reduce its landing weight.

After the fuel dump procedure, the flight safely returned to Chicago Airport.

The article will be updated once more news avails.


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