ANA C-3PO will start flying on domestic routes in Japan from the end of March


From the end of March 2017 ANA will be flying with C-3PO on domestic routes, the Boeing 777-200 will have the iconic C-3PO Star Wars character as livery.

The Star Wars livery is in line with ANA’s strategy to further enhance its international presence. With demand increasing around the world for flights to Japan, ANA is committed to raising the profile of the ANA brand in the global market through innovative partnerships and branding opportunities. The partnership with Star Wars, beloved by audiences in Japan and around the globe, is a perfect match as Japan’s largest airline seeks to connect travellers around the world through this project.

C-3PO, together with R2-D2, has been a much-loved character since its appearance in the original Star Wars movie series. The C-3PO motif, which includes detailed body parts and wiring is decorated onto the aircraft’s fuselage.


Starting from NH621, scheduled to depart Tokyo/Haneda at 9:05 a.m. scheduled to arrive at 11:00 a.m. in Kagoshima, the C-3PO ANA JET will be brought to life on March 21, 2017.

You will be able to experience the specially designed paper cups, headrest covers and aprons for the flight attendants only on board this special livery Boeing 777-200. Special boarding certificates will be handed out only to those special ones who fly on this C-3PO ANA JET during the below period, so don’t miss this opportunity!!

* Please note that distribution of the boarding certificate is subject to flight conditions.blank

(Flight Schedule)

Date Flight Number Departure airport (Departure time) Arrival airport (Arrival time)
3/21 NH621 Tokyo (Haneda) (9:05) Kagoshima (11:00)
NH624 Kagoshima (11:45) Tokyo (Haneda) (13:25)
3/24 NH673 Tokyo (Haneda) (8:20) Hiroshima (9:50)
NH676 Hiroshima (10:35) Tokyo (Haneda) (11:55)
NH25 Tokyo (Haneda) (13:00) Osaka (Itami) (14:05)
NH30 Osaka (Itami) (15:00) Tokyo (Haneda) (16:10)
NH595 Tokyo (Haneda) (17:10) Matsuyama (18:45)
NH598 Matsuyama (19:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (20:55)
3/25 NH15 Tokyo (Haneda) (8:00) Osaka (Itami) (9:10)
NH20 Osaka (Itami) (10:00) Tokyo (Haneda) (11:10)
NH253 Tokyo (Haneda) (12:30) Fukuoka (14:30)
NH258 Fukuoka (15:15) Tokyo (Haneda) (16:55)
NH37 Tokyo (Haneda) (18:00) Osaka (Itami) (19:10)
NH40 Osaka (Itami) (20:20) Tokyo (Haneda) (21:35)
3/26 NH673 Tokyo (Haneda) (8:15) Hiroshima (9:40)
NH676 Hiroshima (10:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (11:55)
NH25 Tokyo (Haneda) (13:00) Osaka (Itami) (14:05)
NH30 Osaka (Itami) (15:00) Tokyo (Haneda) (16:15)
NH595 Tokyo (Haneda) (17:10) Matsuyama (18:40)
NH598 Matsuyama (19:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (21:00)
3/31 NH51 Tokyo (Haneda) (7:00) Sapporo (Chitose) (8:30)
NH54 Sapporo (Chitose) (9:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (11:05)
NH63 Tokyo (Haneda) (12:00) Sapporo (Chitose) (13:35)
NH66 Sapporo (Chitose) (14:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (16:05)
NH73 Tokyo (Haneda) (17:00) Sapporo (Chitose) (18:30)
NH78 Sapporo (Chitose) (19:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (21:05)
4/1 NH661 Tokyo (Haneda) (8:15) Nagasaki (10:10)
NH664 Nagasaki (11:05) Tokyo (Haneda) (12:45)
NH255 Tokyo (Haneda) (13:30) Fukuoka (15:25)
NH260 Fukuoka (16:25) Tokyo (Haneda) (18:10)
4/2 NH553 Tokyo (Haneda) (10:25) Hakodate (11:45)
NH554 Hakodate (12:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (13:55)
NH69 Tokyo (Haneda) (15:00) Sapporo (Chitose) (16:30)
NH74 Sapporo (Chitose) (17:30) Tokyo (Haneda) (19:05)

 For more information on ANA’s Star Wars Project, visit:

Previous liveries: BB-8 – R2-D2



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