American Airlines passenger tries to open emergency exit door during landing at Minneapolis

An American Airlines passenger was escorted off his flight after he tried to open an emergency exit door while the plane was landing at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota on August 19.

According to news reports, other passengers on the August 19 flight tried to subdue the man as he reached for the door.

The plane made a quick landing and police came aboard to escort the man out of the plane, as this video shows. WCCO reported that the FBI is investigating the incident.



  1. Those doors do not open during flight, only when they are on the ground. In fact, in flight, it’s impossible to open the emergency exit doors. Despite how the movies portray it. There’s a number of fail safe locks on them and the cabin pressure would be too strong against the door to open it. (they open inward at first). . Thomas Falater

  2. You’re right Tom Falater. But most people freak out when they see someone tugging at the door, probably from watching movies too much.


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