American Airlines temporarily suspends Philadelphia-Madrid route due to delays in Boeing 787 deliveries


American Airlines said Friday it will suspend its Philadelphia-Madrid route for a few weeks in May and early June, citing delivery delays for Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

American Airlines said it was reducing flights now to ensure customers booked on the affected flights can make new travel arrangements.

Airlines have seen deliveries of new Boeing 787s delayed for much of the past two years as Boeing struggled to convince the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that it had resolved several production issues on the model.

The FAA approved the resumption of deliveries earlier this month. American should therefore receive three Dreamliners this year. American will operate an additional 240 flights per month from Europe throughout the peak of this season, a 14% increase from 2022.

An American spokesperson said the travel disruption could be contained if there were no further delays in Dreamliner deliveries.


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