American Airlines plane crosses UFO. Airline does not deny, FBI takes over


On Sunday, an American Airlines Airbus pilot gave a strange radio message. He said his plane was overflown by a “long, cylindrical” object, which no one has been able to identify so far.

At first, American Airlines played down the report. Faced with the buzz caused by its disclosure, the airline finally confirmed the authenticity of the radio message sent by its pilot to air traffic control.

Following a debriefing with our flight crew and additional information received, we can confirm that this radio transmission came from American Airlines Flight 2292 on February 21,” the company said. (AA2292 flies from Cincinnati to Phoenix and was operated by Airbus A320 N647AW on21 February).

American Airlines did not reply to requests for information but referred the matter to the FBI.

The message was sent by the pilot when his aircraft was near the town of Des Moines, New Mexico, in a region regularly subjected to military trials.

Until a possible future reaction from the FBI, the mystery remains unresolved.


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