“Retro Flight” on the legendary TU-154 with Alrosa


Reliable, fast, well tailored!
Decently took the height!
Not “Airbus” and not “Boeing”! ”
Our plane, the Russian Tu!”

Cutting the time space,
stepped from century to century!
Such in the sky of permanence
Not often seen man!

And he saw any kinds!
Through a hundred latitudes I managed to pass!
The airways lay down to Antarctica

Landing, taking off, landing again …
Today is here, and tomorrow there!
Puffed “workhorse”
In spite of his years!

The “old woman” of the Decade is working hard all
So be first in the sky, “Carcass”,
As long as your flight lasts!

In honor of the celebration of the Air Fleet Day of Russia on August 19-20, 2017, ALROSA will perform the Retro Flight on the legendary TU-154 with the onboard number RA-85684, headed by the commander of the Hero of the Russian Federation Andrei A. Lamanov.

TU-154 is the most massive aircraft in the heyday of aviation in the Soviet Union. A total of 1,026 units of this equipment were produced. To date, ALROSA is the only airline in Russia that operates Tu-154 aircraft on a regular basis.

We invite the flight connoisseurs and lovers of Soviet technology, we suggest recalling pleasant moments from the past and making a trip to Sochi on August 19, 2017 from a / p Domodedovo flight at 09:15 … and back on August 20, 2017 from a / p Sochi departure at 16: 15

You will really get happiness, pleasure and pleasant impressions from the flight on the plane of the legend with some of the most experienced and professional crews, and the sunny city of Sochi will welcome you warmly and dip into the world of sun, sea, goodwill, peace and coziness.


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