The ex-stewardesses of Alitalia undress to denounce the takeover of the company


Faced with the wave of layoffs imposed by their new employer, the former flight attendants of Alitalia have exposed themselves, as you can see in the video at the top of the article. They took off their clothes in the middle of the street on Thursday 21 October in Rome. The employees are protesting against job losses and wage cuts caused by the replacement of Alitalia by the new airline ITA Airways.

About fifty of them joined the movement, in front of Rome’s city hall. Each took off her uniform in a religious silence to express their discontent. The flight attendants then broke the calm to cry out “We are Alitalia” on several occasions.

We have come to express our pain first and foremost. Solidarity goes to all our colleagues who called on ITA and who were forced to sign a humiliating and mortifying contract,” they told Italian media Corriere Roma.

The new airline ITA Airways replaced Alitalia on Friday 15 October, after years of financial loss and unsuccessful rescue attempts. The latter’s name was bought for 90 million euros. For its debut, ITA started with 52 jets and 2,800 employees. Alitalia had 110 planes and 10,000 employees. The Italian government plans to invest 1.35 billion euros over three years in the company.

Video: Euronews. Picture: Federico Mariani / AP


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