Pope Francis will not travel Alitalia on his papal flights to Colombia and South Sudan (end 2017)


As the financial situation is not really improving for the Italian airline, Alitalia has to deal with a new setback: the coming papal flights or “volo papale” to Colombia (6-11 September) and South Sudan (Autumn) will not be operated by Alitalia.

The two-day visit to Egypt and the trip on 12 and 13 May to Fatima, Portugal are the last papal flights with Alitalia. For the Colombia and South Sudan flights the Vatican is looking for alternative travel to avoid that the careful travel planning is disturbed by a cancellation of the flight.

Since Pope John Paul II “Shepherd One” outbound is operated by an Alitalia aircraft as AZ4000 while the return flight is operated by the national carrier of that country on his return. But that privilege and the tradition has now come to an end with Alitalia in financial difficulties


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