ITA can take off: ENAC issues the air operator certificate and the air transport licence to the new Italian national company


ENAC, the Italian National Civil Aviation Authority, issued on 18 August 2021 the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and the Air Transport Operating Licence to the company ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo).

ITA can take off,” declared State Lawyer Pierluigi Di Palma, the President of ENAC, the National Agency for Civil Aviation. “The hope is that the new national reference company will contribute to the restart of the sector, making a decisive contribution to overcoming the difficulties arising from the pandemic crisis. ENAC will continue in its institutional and technical task to ensure the operational start-up of ITA, ensuring compliance with public interests and the rights of passengers which are essential elements of the air transport business.

Alessio Quaranta, Director General of ENAC, also points out that “The release of the AOC certifies that the airline has the professional capacity and business organization necessary to ensure the operation of its aircraft in safe conditions. The aircraft operator license constitutes the final provision relating to the legal-administrative and economic-financial, as well as technical-operational checks.

With the possession of the AOC and the aircraft operator license, the company can start the sale of tickets“.

Rome, 08-18-2021


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