How will ITA, the new Alitalia, be?


After four months of waiting, on the evening of 9 October, the approval of the decree for the establishment of the new state airline for air transport arrived: the new Alitalia will be called ITA (Italia Trasporti Aereo spa). In addition to the name, the company will also have a new logo and will be made up of approximately 6,500 employees and almost a hundred aircraft, relying on a financial endowment of 3 billion euros.

In 30 days, the resolution will pass to parliament and then to the Court of Auditors, for registration that will allow the deed of incorporation of ITA. If there are no difficulties, the newco’s planes could start operating as early as the beginning of 2021.

The decree was signed by several Ministers. Through it, the new ITA board of directors was also approved, which was expanded from 7 to 9 members after the long months of conflict over the appointments. In addition to the CEO Fabio Lazzerini and the chairman Francesco Caio, there are 7 other directors, including three women.

Caio has a long international experience as CEO and general manager of industrial and service groups and has been a consultant for the English and Italian governments for the development of the broadband network, as well as commissioner of the government in 2013 for the implementation of the Digital Agenda.

In the words of the new president of ITA, the establishment of the new airline “will be a challenging project given the need to reinvent the whole sector“: anchoring decisions to the market, respecting the timing of governance and dialoguing with the European Union are the key points for the restart.

Economy Minister Gualtieri also explains in a press release that the newco’s goal is to lay “the foundations for the relaunch of Italian air transport, through the choice of top-level managers and great skills able to develop and implement a solid and sustainable business plan“. The ambitious goal is to make the new ITA competitive on the European and international market.



  1. New and new. . . Well, let’s start saying I love AZ. Yet it has not developed into a quality employee environment ( it’s a social mentality: How Italians work ethics differ from other societies) . The issue is 1that. Like the French have issues regarding li


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