Alitalia for sale: “Call for expression of interest” until 5 June + update Winter 2017/2018


Alitalia yesterday published a tender inviting non-binding offers to buy the ailing airline by 5 June.

  • The expressions of interest to present Proposals may be submitted by sole proprietorships or companies (considered as such under the law of the State in which they are established) of any nationality, either individually or jointly with other sole proprietorships or companies (Consortium) which has the ability and the requirements to develop the Proposals in accordance with the Orientations set forth under paragraph 2.2., considering its business activity and/or its accrued experience and/or its financial capacity.
  • Read the entire tender here:

Binding offers for Alitalia must be submitted by the end of October.

In its 70-year history Alitalia has rarely made a profit, and is currently losing €500,000 per day. It is unknown that the bridge loan of 600 million Euro to keep the airline afloat will suffice.

On a sidenote Alitalia will re-launch flights to Delhi, they are also starting seasonal flights to the Maldives while the flights to Los Angeles will go year round (from Winter 2017/2018).


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