Alitalia will no longer sell tickets for flights departing after 15 October and refund customers who booked such flights


Alitalia under Extraordinary Administration from midnight today will no longer sell tickets for flights from 15 October. At the same time, it will send a prompt and direct communication, via e-mail, to customers who have purchased flights departing from 15 October.

The note includes instructions for managing tickets. In order to ensure full consumer protection, it will be possible to replace the flight with another equivalent operated by Alitalia by 14 October; otherwise full refund of the ticket will also be possible.

The communication campaign responds to the Company’s desire to manage the situation in a clear and transparent way, safeguarding consumers.

Forum member ticketbuyer commented as follows:

Alitalia shuts down on 14th October. Tickets can be refunded. Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper estimated that some 255,000 people have tickets booked with Alitalia after that date.

The next day, a totally new company ITA, will start flying. Given that the European Commission has imposed the “discontinuity” between the activity of the two carriers, it will not be possible to proceed with automatic re-routing between the two companies.

ITA have just started recruiting the 2,800 staff they will need to start with, they are accepting online CV’s. The board of directors of ITA meanwhile made a binding offer to lease 52 of Alitalia’s aircraft and to buy airport slots and other assets.

The unions of Alitalia are demanding that all 11,000 former employees be employed by ITA. They plan to strike on 24th September.


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