Ailing airline Alitalia to receive bridge loan of €300-€400 million to keep afloat


The Italian government doesn’t want Alitalia to fail. Rome is planning to step in with a bridge loan to keep the ailing airline flying, Italian Interior Minister Carlo Calenda announced today.

The ailing airline, owned 49% by Etihad Airways from Abu Dabhi, has been rescued by Italian governments and private investors over the past decades. Looks like the government is stepping in once more. Carlo Calenda will ask the European Commission to approve a loan between  €300 and €400 million to support the troubled airline while a new buyer is being sought.

The Interior Minister added that nationalisation of Alitalia is not under consideration.

In its 70-year history Alitalia has rarely made a profit, and is currently losing €500,000 per day.

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