Alaska Airlines launched its electronic bag tag with Dutch company BAGTAG


Yesterday Alaska Airlines has officially launched its electronic bag tag with the Dutch company BAGTAG. They are the first U.S. carrier to introduce electronic bag tags and are also the first carrier to launch airline-branded BAGTAGs.

This week, 2,500 Alaska Mileage Plan members will begin receiving their electronic bag tag. Those elite status members included in the first wave of the programme are guests who have travelled in the last 12 months, checked in at least one bag and were among the first to register to use the device.

“The last thing our guests want to do is stand in line,” said Charu Jain, senior vice president of merchandising and innovation for Alaska. “With the addition of the Alaska Airlines electronic bag tag, our guests can complete almost all of their check-in tasks – from the comfort of their home, at work or on the way to catching their flight.”?

The three-by-five-inch devices are updated with a guest’s flight information through the Alaska Airlines mobile app during check-in; essentially allowing travellers to head straight to the bag drop area once they arrive at the airport.

The Alaska Airlines electronic bag tag is estimated to reduce the time guests spend in airport lobbies by about 40%, including reducing lines and the use of paper bag tags. In addition to the device’s impressive lifespan and durability (Alaska Airlines employees tested it by running it over with a truck), the devices don’t require charging or batteries.

The Alaska Airlines BAGTAG is already named to PopSci’s Best of What’s New list and is well received on social media.



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