Passenger is offended by AirAsia’s flight attendant uniform and writes a complaint letter


Doctor Robertson from New Zealand wrote a complaint letter to Malaysian senator Hanafi Mamat about the uniform of AirAsia’s female flight attendants. She was offended by the extremely short skirts that “these females” wear. “Other airlines like New Zealand, Australian, American Airlines and European airlines do not wear such short skirts,” she continued.

One of the Air Asia women bent over in the supermarket in the Kuala Lumpur terminal and I could see her underwear and it was terrible!“, she added. “On a AirAsia flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur (October 2017) the flight attendant was serving us in the business class, her blouse opened and I could see the top of her breasts. I objected and asked her to close her jacket, as she was bending over us.

In her letter doctor Robertson is also wondering why such a respectful country like Malaysia is allowing woman in red uniforms walk around with very short skirts. “This gives the wrong impression of Malaysia, one of the things we like about Malaysia is the fact that your women do not dress like prostitutes.

The doctor concluded her letter with the observation that the male flight attendants are “very respectfully dressed and very professional“.


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