[Coronavirus] AirAsia Group temporarily grounds fleet


AirAsia Group will ground most of its fleet after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to extensive and increasing border restrictions imposed by various countries in the region, the airline group wrote in a statement. 

AirAsia always places the safety and wellbeing of its guests and employees as its top priority. With governments imposing travel and movement restrictions including home quarantine orders, AirAsia is also playing its part in helping curb the spread of the virus in order to keep flying safe for everyone,” AirAsia said, adding that they will continue to evaluate the situation closely to be prepared to reinstate their services as soon as the situation improves and subject to regulatory approvals.

All affected guests are being immediately notified by email and SMS. They have the option of converting their flight booking into a credit account that is valid for future redemption for 365 days or moving their flights for an unlimited number of times without any charges to another date prior to 31 Oct 2020. Guests can perform these changes via AirAsia virtual Allstar AVA on airasia.com or support.airasia.com.

Guests are advised to stay tuned to Travel Advisories issued by AirAsia from time to time on airasia.com and social media platforms.

“We believe this temporary fleet hibernation is the right thing to do to ensure the well-being of our guests and employees, which will remain as the top priority of our business during this challenging time.

“In our effort to further manage and contain costs, both the management and senior employees of AirAsia Group have volunteered a salary sacrifice, ranging from 100% at the very top to 15%. This will help ensure that we can ride out this prolonged period of extremely low travel demand and at the same time minimise the impact on our employees, especially those in junior positions.

“AirAsia Group will remain committed to assisting the relevant government authorities to support the repatriation of travellers and shipment of goods. 

“AirAsia’s online marketplace OURSHOP and its cargo and logistics platform Teleport will remain operational, with Teleport utilising passenger aircraft to transport medical aid and protective equipment intended for hospitals and frontline emergency responders at selected destinations.


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