Well-functioning air conditioning disrupts AirAsia India flight from Kolkata to Siliguri Bagdogra


Strange “air conditioning” incident on board an AirAsia India Airbus A320 between Kolkata and Siliguri Bagdogra (India). Dipankar Ray, one of the passengers posted this movie on his Facebook profile and comments: “Our AirAsia flight I5582 to Bagdogra pushed back but returned to its parking stand, the pilots announced a technical issue. For one hour we had to wait inside the aircraft on the tarmac, then we were invited to exit the aircraft. When passengers refused, the pilots put the blowers in full blast to hound the passengers out. Suffocating children in the progress. This is the way aviation industry works in India, a scary AirAsia service! Avoid AirAsia!

Apparentely passengers refused to deboard due to heavy rains outside, “Many women passengers started vomiting and children were crying, due to the thick smoke,” Dipankar added.

Meanwhile AirAsia India issued a statement and accepted that the flight was delayed and expressed regrets.

AirAsia India would like to confirm that flight i5583 from Kolkata to Bagdogra was delayed by 4.5 hours due to a technical requirement. AirAsia regrets the inconvenience caused to guests on account of this disruption and would like to reinstate that the airline always prioritises safety above all,” the company said.

There was no danger to any of the occupants onboard the aircraft as the cool conditioned air being circulated was condensing. This is a normal occurrence onboard all aircraft when the air conditioning is operated in high humidity conditions.

The company added that all the affected guests were offered refreshments and provided with alternate arrangements requested for.


  1. A perfect example of mass hysteria!
    Absolutely Nothing wrong with the airconditioning, it is just condensation due to the high humidity.


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