Air transport: the name of the air ticket must be the same as on the identity card


From now on, it will be necessary to show our identity card for all the flights at the time of boarding. The measure was introduced on 1 January 2018 to comply with a new European regulation.

Airlines are obliged to check if the name on the identity document matches the name on the airline ticket. This is confirmed by Brussels Airlines spokeswoman Kim Daenen: “The passenger must show his passport or his identity card and his boarding pass to check that both are identical.” And this concerns all destinations. “Until now, this was already the case on flights outside the Schengen area, but today it is also the case for all flights departing from Belgium and Belgium. Only a visual check“.

If the name is not the same,” says Kim Daenen, “the passenger cannot travel, he cannot board the plane, so it is very important that when a passenger books a flight, he or she makes sure to enter his exact name, as it appears in his passport, and not a pseudo nor alias. This is very important, because if there is an inconsistency in the reservation, it is important that the passenger calls us so that we can make the correction“.

This concerns Brussels Airlines, but all the other airlines will gradually apply the same security measures at Belgian airports.

Source: Belga, RTBF


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