Air Serbia turns back decision to double flights between Belgrade and Moscow after criticism


Only one day after Air Serbia announced to double flights between Belgrade, Serbia and Moscow, Russia, the decision was turned back. The country (and Air Serbia) received much criticism and backlash. First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar wrote on Twitter: “Serbia is the only one in Europe with an open sky to Russia. Making money on Ukrainian blood is unworthy of a European Union candidate country.”

Serbia is one of the few that did not impose sanctions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is also one of the few to be spared from the closure of Russian airspace. Therefore, the only European air corridor left open to Russia is via Serbia, which is now acting as a gateway.

Air Serbia planned 15 weekly flights against 7. But Serbia’s populist president, Aleksandar Vucic, said Air Serbia will go back to one flight to Moscow a day following “the witch hunt” against his country.

Next to financial reasons, the airline wanted to compensate for the suspension of flights by the Russian company Aeroflot, which can no longer serve Belgrade because it has been banned from European airspace.

Yesterday, an Air Serbia Airbus A330 that just departed for Moscow was forced to return to Belgrade after a bomb threat.

Air Serbia flight towards Moscow returns to Belgrade after anonymous bomb threat

Russia has banned access of its airspace to airlines from 36 countries in response to European restrictions. The Belgrade hub also benefits European Union airlines which have increased their flights to and from Serbia.


  1. We don’t think Serbia should devastate it’s economy over this war. Why should we do that? Plus Turkey also doubles their flights to Moscow and didn’t impose sanctions on Russia. Turkey was European county last time i checked. Personally ,I hope Serbia never makes it to EU. Don’t like this western democracy with no freedom of speech and no right to choose what you watch. No thank you. We can watch BBC,CNN,FOX,RT, plus Ukrainian tv channels. I’d rather live in Serbia as it is than in “democratic” EU. Thank you.

  2. Is Serbia still an EU candidate country? Nobody mentioned this for many years. How convenient to come up with this trivia fact now when Serbia is required to do something against its interests.

  3. Why exactly are we the only ones ever mentioned in a bad context? Clearly Turkey also never joined sanctions against Russia, but you can’t see anyone talking about it, anywhere.
    Oh wait, just had a flash there… Bad Serbs, we always do something wrong, according to Western cyunts.
    Peace, out!

  4. So what ? In that plane/s are normal civilians, not military personnel. Why don’t you mention Turkey as an example ? We never accepted Crimea as part of Serbia. What more do you want. I don’t remember you protest ing when NATO made aggression on Yugoslavia. Don’t use NATO double standards


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