Air Moldova joins the Blue Air family


Civil Aviation Group LLC was declared the winner of the privatisation process of the national Moldavian Airline – Air Moldova. The company offered a price of MDL 50 million (roughly €2,560,000) and will also take over the MLD 1,2 billion (roughly €61,500,000) debt of the company. The consortium comprises Romanian airline Blue Air and a group of investors from the Republic of Moldova. This partnership brings together the international experience of a modern and successful airline and the financial resources required for Air Moldova’s development. 

“We are very proud to have Air Moldova in our big Blue Air family and we are very happy to be here in this Centennial Year. The international success of Blue Air gives us the opportunity to put our experience at work for the future of Air Moldova. Last but not least, this development brings benefits for the local employment market, for the tourism and for the community overall”, said Marius Puiu, Blue Air’s CEO.

The new shareholder will maintain the current flight schedule of Air Moldova and the priority is to regain the customer’s confidence while improving the company’s commercial performance. Civil Aviation Group LLC undertakes to transform Air Moldova into a modern and successful airline with a strong team, inspired to deliver great customer experiences.

With access to the latest IT technology, the development of its infrastructure and the modernization of its fleet, as well as the aviation experience of the Romanian operator, Air Moldova will be able to broaden its horizons and develop in a sustainable manner, offering new opportunities for the young professionals who want to discover a career in this dynamic industry.


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