Six Airbus H155 helicopters from Belgium to Greenland in several stages

Air Greenland H155 helicopter in Ostend © Air Greenland

Air Greenland has purchased six Airbus H155 helicopters in Belgium. The first one is on the way home to Greenland on a long trip with several stops along the way.

The route from Ostend-Bruges airport (Belgium) to Greenland for the first of Air Greenland’s six newly purchased Airbus H155 helicopters is divided into smaller stages, via England, Scotland, the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, as the range for a helicopter of this type is a maximum of 784 kilometres.

The website shows that on Friday morning, the new helicopter (built in 2009, MSN 6871, now registered OY-HJB) was in Sumburgh on the Shetland Islands after arriving on Wednesday afternoon after a flight of one hour and twenty minutes from Aberdeen.

The six helicopters were purchased from NHV Group (Noordzee Helicopters Vlaanderen), based in Ostend, Belgium.

Air Greenland decided to buy six helicopters due to the fact that on 1 January this year, all helicopter transport in Greenland was transferred to the airline, which signed a service contract with the Greenland government for passenger transport over the next ten years.

Air Greenland has bought Airbus H155 helicopters to replace the ageing Bell 212.

The Airbus H155 is the fastest helicopter on the market in its class with a cruise speed of over 260 kilometres per hour.

There will be room for 10 passengers and their luggage and for cargo. But the cabin can be quickly changed to freight or ambulance transport. Search And Rescue equipment can be mounted and it has a hook that can lift 1,600 kilos.



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